Sexy Lamp

“And so I figured if McDonald’s can call itself a restaurant, I can call myself an actor.”

Ever since Katie was cast as the lead in her primary school Christmas show ‘Santa’s Snow Mobile’ she believed there was a place for her in show business. Since then named, speaking and fully clothed roles have been hard to come by…

Sexy Lamp brilliantly combines comedy, original songs and storytelling to shed a bright light on how ridiculous the industry can be and why Katie is refusing to stay in the dark any longer.

Praise for Sexy Lamp:

“Throughly entertaining” Lyn Gardner

★★★★★ “As good as it gets” Broadway Baby

★★★★★ “Genius” VoiceMag UK

★★★★★ “Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant” Within Her Words

★★★★★”Remarkable” Close-up Culture

★★★★★”A complete joy” View From The Cheap Seats

★★★★★ “Powerful, provocative and emotional” Last minute Tickets

★★★★★ “Sharp and fresh” Nothing in the Rule Book

★★★★”Supremely assured” Guardian 

★★★★ Musical Theatre Review

★★★★ “A call to arms” Bouquets and Brickbats

★★★★”Exquisite” The List

★★★★ “A delight to watch” Everything theatre

★★★★ “Go Immediately” LondonTheatre1

“She really is one to watch.” Ought to be Clowns

“Polished Storytelling” Broadway World

Reviews from Edinburgh Fringe Festival:

The Guardian

Broadway Baby

Bouquets and Brickbats

The List

Three Weeks

Musical Theatre Review

Additional Accolades from Edinburgh:

Guardian Top 15 Edinburgh Shows Now Touring 
Guardian Edinburgh Round-up in Pictures
Guardian Interview on Theatre and #MeToo
Special Mention from Bouquets and Brickbats in their Best of Edinburgh Bouquets
I was also invited to write a piece for The Stage Newspaper

Venues we have toured to with Sexy Lamp:

VAULT Festival, Waterloo

Redbridge Drama Centre

Downstairs at the Department Store, Brixton

The Hope Theatre, Islington

The Roof Garden at The Space, Canary Wharf

Clapham Omnibus

The Party Somewhere Else, Nottingham

Theatre in the Fields Festival, Sawbridgeworth

The Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh Festival

The Pleasance, Islington

Upstairs at the Western, Leicester

Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough

Bath Theatre Royal, Bath

The Lichfield Festival, Lichfield

Upstairs, Brixton

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