Other Writing

Since lockdown, Katie has written two monologues for the #WomeninLockdown competition run by Popelei Theatre Company.

Both Embarrassed and Fruit were chosen and were performed by actors Emmy Rose and Laura Bayston respectively.


Day #14 – Fruit from PopeleiParade on Vimeo.


Day #6 – Embarrassed from PopeleiParade on Vimeo.

Embarrassed was featured in The Guardian’s 8 Best Monologues of Lockdown and Ought to be Clowns Lockdown Treat

Katie has also written a short audio play Half Acre for Press Play by Popelei Theatre. Half Acre along with a number of other pieces for Popelei’s Press Play season have been nominated for an Offie Award.

Katie was asked to write a short piece for The Guardian about a theatre that means a lot to her. Her piece about Redbridge Drama Centre was featured in the Theatres that Made Us article by Chris Wiegand

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